Fraternal Greetings and
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Puissent Sovereign 2018
Steven Glenn Tiner
General Grand King
General Grand Chapter RAM Intl.

Meets: Three Times Annually.
Summer Social in June
Business meeting for election of officers
and candidates in October
Conferral and Installation the 2nd Saturday in December
Meeting, Banquet to follow

For Official Information
Contact: T. J. Henwood, PS , Recorder
P.O. Box 6681, Sherwood, AR 72124-6681

Class of 12/9/2017

(L-R) Michael Elcan, David Ponder, Boyd Freeman, Charles Ferguson-PS 2017,
Billy Britt, John Warnock, Jacob Davis.


Steven Glenn Tiner
General Grand King,
General Grand Chapter RAM Intl.
Puissant Sovereign
Royce H. Taylor Eminent Viceroy
D. Dan Lloyd, PGM Senior General
George M. Coleman Junior General
Charles H. Ferguson, PS Treasurer
T.J. Henwood, PS Recorder
Angelo G. Coppola Prelate
James A. Rochelle Prefect
Silas M. Wilson Standard Bearer
W. Paul Wilson Hearld
Bert O. Miller Sentinel
T.J. Henwood, PS Director of Work

Past Sovereigns

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