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Terry L. Loper
Puissant Sovereign - 2019

2019 Assemblies:
Friday, April 5, Friday, July 12, Friday, September 13
Friday, November 1 (Officers Installation)

Puissant Sovereign Terry L. Loper
Viceroy Michael L. Hunter
Senior General John W. Eldred
Junior General David D. Larson
Treasurer Roderick W. Anderson
Recorder Roderick W. Anderson
Prelate Steven L. Lasure
Prefect Larry W. Drangstveit
Standard Bearer L. Arby Humphrey
Herald Scott D. Carstens
Sentinel Glen D. Tayler

Past Sovereigns
1986 Joseph W Horton 2004 J Keven Johnson
1988 Charles E White 2005 Russell G Dunnum
1990 O Darrell Aderman 2006 Frank Vreeland
1991 Ibeco (Ray) Amador 2007 William H Arnsdorf
1992 Kenneth W Shannon 2008 Richard J Reilly
1993 Dale O Babbitt 2009 Roderick W Anderson
1994 Harold H Ludeman 2010 Ralph J Holmes, Jr
1995 H Thomas Rogers 2011 Stephen D Willett
1996 Kingman D Loomis 2012 Harold Fried
1997 Wesley M Denny 2013 Garry D. Hageness
1998 James L Esswein 2014 Theodore E Goeden
1999 Glenn J Voskuil 2015 Paul J. Lenz
2000 Victor Corsie 2016 Lawrence L Ganske
2001 Fred E Roycraft 2017 Anthony Fondell
2002 Willard A Young 2018 Lester C. Paulson
2003 Lowell E Larson

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